A free self check-in service

Let's work together towards a safer Manitoba

  • Automated contact tracing
  • Self check-in questionnaire for patrons, guests, service & delivery personnel
  • Capacity level estimation and notifications (in development)

How does it work?

Before your patrons, employees, or delivery personnel enter the building, all they need to do is take out their phone and follow these simple steps:

scan qr code

Scan the QR Code on the poster we provide you

staff checks results

Complete the self-check form


Present the phone pass to a staff member for entry

For visitors who cannot complete the online check-in, one of your staff members can check them in.

The service will handle the Covid questionnaire, contact tracing, and capacity level notifications.

We’re constantly modifying the system to provide the best possible tools to flatten the curve. If you have a suggestion on how to improve the service please contact us!

Learn more about how this works for you, your staff, and your patrons.

Using a self-check policy provides:

  • Self-accountability
  • Quicker entry
  • Safer store policy
  • Free up additional resources

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We don’t share or sell any information; this is about keeping Manitobans safe.