How to use the
Self-Check Service

1Display Posters

Your digital package will include printable 8.5x11 posters with your unique QR code to place on the front of the building/store.

We will also include the QR code on its own if you wish to create our own poster.

Place the post at eye level close to the door handle.

Update your entrance policy on your website, and social media for your patrons and staff.

2Verify Passes

When your patrons show you their pass, look for your business name and the green checkbox and confirm the date. They're all set! They've completed the covid questionnaire and have entered their name and contact number/email for contact tracing..

3Use Checkout

This optional store/location policy will help provide additional metrics for narrowing the list of contacts.

How To
1 Place the checkout poster at all exits
2 Ask your patrons to checkout when you check their pass.
2 Have a checkout poster where you perform all transactions and get them to checkout.

Manage your account

Hang tight we are developing these features. Please contact us if you need access to information or need to change any settings.

Capacity Notifications

Your locations data (max capacity, aver time in building per person) is automatically calculated to provide an estimated capacity. Notifications will be sent via email/SMS based on your profile settings.

You will be able to change your settings through your business portal.

Contact Tracing List

The contact tracing list is in CSV format and can be easily sorted to provide key information within seconds.

In the event you require your contact tracing list, you can access the information by logging into your portal.

Please contact us with the email or phone number you've registered with.

Your Account Info

Changing your business information, updating your preferences, and downloading your contact tracing list can be done by logging into your portal.

Please contact us with the email or phone number you've registered with. We'll be manually making changes to your preferences until we're done automating this for you.